Europe (The World) Today

I wanted to give a short bit of information about Europe, and what you need to know about it, and it’s place in the coming years, (and I think you’ll see why Brexit shouldn’t have surprised anyone who thinks they are an expert.)  To do that you need to understand where it is today.

A conversation…

“Hey, I saw a few news articles about Europe and I was feeling a little concerned.  What do you think about what’s going on over there?”

“Most of Europe is controlled by socialist based theories and has been since WWII. Theories mostly planted in hope and not truth.”

“Whoa! I was asking about Europe today, not some debate about political philosophies.”

“Everything needs some context.  Hold on.

The thing is, socialist practices enacted by bureaucracies, will by its nature, drive things towards the bottom.  It rewards the mediocre and punishes the innovative, again by its nature, it must.

Europe has instituted socialist theory throughout all levels of government and industry. ”

“What does that mean?”

“It means it all has to be propped up in some manner.”

“Wait, how could they afford to prop up; welfare, pensions, industries, and especially healthcare?!”

“They didn’t really have to spend money on the military.  There was this thing called, The United States of America, and it was so hugely successful, that they could not only afford to be Europe’s proxy military, saving them trillions of euros, but they also gave them gear or sold it to them, so they saved billions of euros in development of that gear.”

“So, you’re saying I should be concerned.”

“Well, in the light of the education systems in Europe and more relevantly in America, yeah.  The educational institutions are, almost to a professor, believers in the same theories that Europe operates under.  They believe that if you create a system that forces people to be in a progressive socialist based world, they will see the perfection of it and become that perfection.  But, like I stated before, it’s nature destroys it from within.”

“That is concerning and illogical.”

“It is, and it means the people who are supposed to be teaching people how the world works and how to understand it, are both lying about and/or ignorant of the truth.  Then the propping up of all those things gives false data, that they then point to as proof of its validity.”


“A professor in America points to Europe and says, “We should model our healthcare system on theirs.  It obviously works, they’ve had it for 68yrs!”  And, almost every one of their peers thought that seemed reasonable.  Then fought with great passion to get America to do the same.”

“But, didn’t students ask about the propping up thing?”

“No, they weren’t told about it.  Or, if they were, the professors explained that…”if they can afford it, surely we can!”

“Well, that does seem true.  We are rich.”

“But it’s not true.  And sadly, the professors didn’t stop with that flawed logic.  They used the same logic of, it exists, so it must work, in many other areas.  Then, logically, they started to think a lot of the bigger concepts of their theories must also be true, and point to all the smaller (propped up) entities and their existence as more proof.”

“That does seem like an unsettling trend.”

“You said it.  It just went on and on until all logic and scientific proof is relative.  “We know these theories are true, so we will modify the facts to match the theories.  And, if this tenet of our overall belief system and that tenet is true, then the whole theory is true.”  The educators educated themselves into an Idiocracy about Europe (and all things philosophical apparently.)  And, managed to blame America for any perceived ills, because our tyrannical influence just didn’t let these theories work.”

“So, where does that bring us with Europe Today?”

“America just had a highly educated President at the helm who surrounded himself with like-minded people for eight years.  They have no understanding of Americas role in the actual world and they think the ideal model of government is the leftist European model.  They governed as such, the best they could, and now we have shifted a great deal of our spending to mirror Europe’s.  That means not as much military in America to help protect our European allies.  So, they have to start spending more on the military.”

“But, do they have to have a bigger military.”

“Sadly, yes, or more accurately a more efficient and effective military.  Either way it means more spending will be needed.

The other thing about professors is they don’t apply that same logic to things they don’t agree with like, religion.  In fact, they think that if they ignore them, and belittle them like their sophomore year girlfriend, they will just go away.  But, like that same girlfriend, if they had been reading the messages she was taking the time to send them every day, they would’ve have known she killed their dog.  But, no.  They ignored her very existence, and accused their neighbor of the crime, and murdered their two cat’s for being an animal hater.”


“Yeah, that got away from me a bit.  But, they have ignored Religion and pretend that it is no longer valid in the world we live in, and just refuse to discuss it.  And, since they live in a bubble of relative affluence and comfort.  They just pretend like they are above it.  To our peril!  Now that Islam is flexing its muscles all over the world, the educated citizen governments are ill-prepared to handle the real world situations they find themselves in.  All they know is what they’ve been taught, “All religions are for ignorant people.  Educated people are superior to religious people, the superior must take care of the inferior. But, they also can’t judge the actions of another persons culture.  The list of conflicting philosophies goes on so long it’s just confusion to them, so they just go by the fact they have the same enemy; Judeo-Christian beliefs.  So, they decided that most of the time the Muslims are the good guys (and they have to for what they let them get away with in the Balkans.)

Long, story short the leaders are asleep at the wheel.  Isis has lit the middle east and north Africa on fire, (for very clear reasons they were very clear about, before they had any real power) and because of their anti-nationalism philosophies and the idea these are the good guys, they took in millions of young men in their late teens to early thirties.  And, these men sang songs of the destruction they will cause when the get there, and videoed themselves for all to see.  Nobody was looking, (it doesn’t fit their worldview) which means all those countries have their institutions pushed beyond their breaking point, just at a time when they need to start spending money on the military.  On top of that, they have all decided that they should close power plants of many types and just buy the cheap energy from Russia.  But, wait, they don’t like Russia now, and guess what Russia did in 2009?  They completed a pipeline for their natural gas that goes to China and the Pacific Ocean.

So, apparently we (the rest of the world, according to economists) must buy all, I mean all, products manufactured in Europe for the next ten years, just to let them maintain spending levels they had a few years ago.”

“They will have to produce trillions of euros in tax revenue, from handicapped industries, working with employees educated by people who are delusional.  As well as, food and house millions of people who are in their welfare systems now and want to destroy it.  At the same time, they are trying to reinforce their military, and protect the planet from carbon, which puts them more and more under the thumb of Russia.  Who will have the power to flip a pipeline switch and essentially destroy their economies.”

“Oh, my.”

“But, the head of the European Union thinks, (on account of someone telling him, Donald Trump said, “they are going to have to pay their fair share of the funding of NATO” But, they sadly told him that through the filter of the media, so he heard, “Donald Trump said, he is completely abandoning NATO.”) it would be cool if they just formed an EU Defense Force. And, he already said it will be to, use against/protect from, Russia.”

“So, what are they going to do?”

“I am pretty sure they are quickly becoming aware of the magnitude of their problems, and have already started to gather the best minds from Academia to face these problems head-on!”















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