My First Joke on Reddit

I am attempting to get acquainted with, mostly as a way to promote this site, and I have to say I am struggling.  I’ve read through the instructions and it turns out it is an organic society of actual people so, it has its cultural and societal norms.  It is a very social experience you can have by yourself.

Putting links to my blog is only okay sometimes, and I may have already looked like a spammer to some, so I will not do much with my blog there.  Like I said, I am a little confused.

But, not about the fact that I am a social-retard in the real and virtual worlds.  So, I got that.

I obviously like to write, so I went to a writing themed subreddit (if you don’t know, welcome to my world…the world.)  There they have a place where people can suggest a story concept and you write a short story as a reply.  I wrote a very insightful and coherent story that captured the concept perfectly.  Then I finished it with a bizarre joke that was still in the theme but way off tone.  Which I think is hilarious.  (Notice the I in the previous sentence.)

So…Then I went to a joke subreddit, and they have one where you finish a joke.

A gorilla walks into a bar…

There were some funny ones.  Myself and so many others, assumed there would be a Harambe joke in the mix.  And, of course, there was a subreddit where a person joked about being thankful the main post wasn’t one, and under that person, is where all the Harambe jokes were placed.

I couldn’t help but attempt a Harambe joke myself, and I will share it in a second, but I will tell you right now, if you have not watched: The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Hitman, an HBO documentary, then don’t bother reading the joke.  If you have…

A gorilla walks into a bar and sits down at a back table.

Pretty soon, a reporter and a camera crew show up, and start to interview him.

“So, you’re the one they call the IceApe?”

“Yeah, I’ve been known to keep a few bodies with the penguins.”

“I hear you’ve gotten away with more than just a few murders of your kind?”

“The people don’t care. Usually.”

“Can you tell us how you might actually kill another gorilla?”

“Sure. I’ll tell you of a time not long ago.”

“I was hired to take out a guy for being a little too popular. And, that also made it hard for me to get at him. He was surrounded by fans all the time. I was really in a bad way because there was a time schedule involved.”

“So, what did you do?”

“Well, I happened to be watching and there were a number of these tourist people, and they were just walking around all over the place and nobody was paying any attention to them, because people basically don’t look at tourist people.

So, I was like, “yeah, try to act touristy but, an 800-pound gorilla as a tourist? That’s a little bit far fetched.”

So, I went tourist person to the extreme.  I mean full blown tourist person… I’m not saying anything bad about ’em… but, I got a canary yellow hoodie, a DSLR Camera, some balloons and a big wrapped gift.

I walked out there, all taking pictures with my phone, and not my camera, and moved up to the railing in front of all the crowds, and I’m acting all touristy, and dropped in my gift, walked away… and he died.”

“What was in the gift?”

“In his case… a three year old boy.”




Now, obviously I like the joke or else I wouldn’t have shared it.  But, like I said, not exactly known for navigating social waters.

Even though I am having some fun and learning a new and relevant world,  I fear my first joke on Reddit was showing up.



Photo: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden/Facebook


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