How to Find Infinite Inspiration for your Blog

I knew I had several things I really wanted to communicate to the world.  Things I’ve been ruminating on for years, if not my whole life.  But, these things are bigger than just a start-up blog, so I haven’t even really shared them yet.  I plan to, but only when I feel I can deliver the most concise and well thought out words and the proper delivery system for those words.  And yeah, hopefully, I will be speaking to a  larger audience as well.

“So, what am I going to blog about?”  Becomes the fear based refrain in my head.  An anticipatory fear mostly, but a powerful one.  I can’t help but think that inspiration is a finite thing.  I, even now, feel that I will run out of things to share at some point.  Although I now realize intellectually, that is a false narrative.

It was during the process of posting and discussing one of my posts that I realized I had found the perfect muse: … and it is an infinite wealth of inspiration.

I think it deserves to be said; Reddit is not a place for you to be posting every blog article you’ve written, but the occasional one you are very proud of is fine. Today, I am not here to talk about the promotion of posts, but the inspiration.

Inspiration being a spark that ignites something inside of us that produces something inspired.  (Doesn’t mean it’s objectively good.) There have traditionally been two places to find that spark; Heavenly ethereal places, and Earthly places.  Both, are available to you on

The Heavenly places version is too subjective to even begin to discuss here in a meaningful way.  Although, I would argue it is always a part of the process.

The earthly is the easiest to grasp; some person does something, says something, produces something, and I will leave room for one more thing that I am unaware of at this point.  None the less, like Soylent Green, “It’s People!”

First, let me say what I am not saying.  I am not saying you go to Reddit and copy and re-word some topic comment that is hot and make it your own.  Writing about the hot topics are fine, re-wording another persons comments is not fine.  Obviously, any form of plagiarism is unwelcome and will quickly become obvious to the informed.

What I really mean is, experience Reddit.  It is people.  Find the topics that you know and love (or hate) and that you are informed on, and read for awhile.  I promise you will be inspired by a comment or a post.

Someone who has had a very different life experience than mine will share a point of view I had never considered, and it sends me down a rabbit hole seeking to understand.  What I find in the rabbit hole or the journey through it, is what I can write about.  Hopefully, that is something meaningful and resonates with others.

I have also written a comment to someone’s post, then just pasted it back to my blog and expand on it.  It’s still 100% my thoughts and concepts, they just came out of an answer to a question I wouldn’t have asked myself.

It is a community of people, except you are 10k feet above them and can see what they are discussing and then choose to bounce from discussion to discussion and never leave topics you know and love (if you don’t want to.)

I can’t imagine I will ever run out of inspiration from people!  There are so many loving geniuses who share their insane and cringe-worthy thoughts that make you realize you may be more like them than you are comfortable stating out loud…

Wrote a blog about it, like to hear it?  Here it goes…


Here is a link to my first Reddit inspired post:



One thought on “How to Find Infinite Inspiration for your Blog

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