An Untitled Poem about A Girl


What should the title of this poem be?

Who does it make you think of?


a girl whose mother brags of her love for her husband, brags about it to her lover

a girl whose mother  proclaims her love, but never tells her no, except about spending time together

a girl who leaves that mother, to find someone else to tell her no, or at least tell her the truth

a girl who’s on the affluent streets being put on a pedestal and passed around

a girl who gained a monkey and a man with a monkey

a girl who became a muse and a mother a mime and a master

a girl who became a millionaire and a murderer

a girl who loved her husband, her lover told me so


That was a stream of conscious poem I wrote in an email to a friend.  I was actually attempting write a single line that would be an inspiration for him to base a song on.  It got away from me.

“A Mother’s Lover” was the title I felt was the least controversial of the titles I suggested.

And, the idea that that title isn’t controversial in these times took me down a few notches.

I really hope people will suggest titles and attempt to guess the inspiration.








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