Performing Artist Trying to Find Your Voice?

A Thought Experiment To Help Find Clarity


I conceptualized this deep in a rabbit hole.  I was originally thinking of a friend of mine who is a musician, but any performing artist can use this tool.  It also will change from time to time, so it’s not a one time thing.

This seems to be interpreted by some as being New Age like, and I disagree.  And, since I am the one who came up with it, and I am far from New Age, trust me it’s not.  It is a journey inward.

All attempts to go inward have to be traveled on the path of truth.  Be checking for it, at all steps of the journey.  You are going to be asking yourself questions, and if you answer with a lie you have ruined the whole thing!

I don’t think I am clearly expressing how important truth is.  At the end of the journey is an understanding.  If any part of that understanding has been tainted by ego, or delusion of any kind, it is a false understanding!  You may feel at the end of this experiment you have had an epiphany or a break through, and base real things on that new understanding.  So, it must be based in truth!

Another huge warning.  An understanding gained through truth, may be something you desperately do not want to hear!

I would suggest a quiet place to do the experiment in.  Also, I don’t think you can even read it, without starting to do it.  Please go to a quiet place now, or pause until you can.



Okay, let’s have some fun.



In this experiment you are a god.  There are no limitations on you at all.  You can go anywhere, be anything.  If you think of it, it will become.

You are only limited by your creative powers.

Build the perfect stage for you to perform your art upon.

That’s it.





Now, are you on the rings of a distant planet?  In a baroque Opera House, The Grand Ole Opry, a modern show, a beautiful field?  Maybe, an old fantastical dungeon?  Or, on the crystal of a snowflake.

Only you know, and only you will know what it means.

I would say though…If you are a ballet dancer and you just created a stage on the edge of a black hole… you might not be as traditional as you thought.  I’m not saying for you to leave ballet, I am just saying for you to make it more like it’s being performed on the edge of a black hole!


For those who take it seriously, you’re welcome.









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