Reflection on my Poem on Reflection

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I received a complimentary comment on my poem, and it felt good.  I was proud of it, and really hoped others would appreciate it.

It also is full of many levels of understanding.  Step this way it’s this, that way it’s that.  I always love to see that in art, and if you read my blog, you understand I love finding and deciphering that in the art of others.

In the comment, I so gleefully enjoyed reading, (now, when some of you read this comment I am referring to, you’re going to be a little confused.  “Doesn’t seem like something to be gleeful about.”  First off, I think they may not understand where to put the exclamation point in certain places, like after, “It’s Perfect” although they fully understand it’s usage by the last line.  I’m not saying I had anything to do with that, but…step this way it’s this, that way it’s that) the person asked for some expansion.  I will reveal one way of seeing it I desperately wish everyone understood: Facebook.

Line one: Reflect upon Your Reflection

Look at your timeline and all the things you shared over the last year…two years…etc.

Line two: Quantify Your Reflection

How many of your posts are 100% positive in nature, factual, and not narcissistic?  Are you proud of each one?

I look at some people’s timeline and it is 80% non-fact based echo-chamber insanity, and 17% contrived pictures documenting their lives, and 3% birthday wishes and the occasional Happy Current Holiday.  The last 3% is supposed to balance out the rest, apparently.

Line three: Reflect upon Your Reflection

Think about what you just saw in your own timeline from the stand point of a complete stranger.  Or, one of those people that is just on the periphery of your life, like your kid’s teachers, or their friends parents, or your teachers or your friends parents.  And, especially a current or future employer!

Line four: Your Reflection You Reflect

Own that!  You can delete posts, you can edit posts, and you can have more balance.  You can think about it a little longer, and from a few other stand points before posting.

I know I would appreciate it.




For Jimmy.


Reflect on your Timeline, it Reflects on you.


Photo:People are silhouetted as they pose with mobile devices in front of a screen projected with a Facebook logo, in this picture illustration taken in Zenica October 29, 2014 REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Earth Photo:

Binoculars: I don’t know.  Google Images?



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