Hello, my name is Mike, I am someone who loves to solve mysteries and fall into rabbit holes.  I created this blog to share what I find in those holes.  I chased a set of paintings conceptualized 230 years in the past, and had a blast doing it.  But, I am afraid my time researching lowered my opinion of so many in the realm of art, philosophy, and academia in general.  Those two things I felt I needed to share.  That was the birth of this blog.

It turns out I have more to share.

I hope you enjoy your time on my site, and I make you see something in life from a little different perspective.

All of the work and theories presented are the product of myself and myself alone.  They are fixed and protected by their posting to this website.

If you want permission to reproduce or cite my work please contact me.




P.S. That’s Luna.