The Cain Chronicles

I am going to write a series of stories, some long some short.  They will all have their foundation in a unifying myth or story.

Here is that story…

“You want blood! I’ll give you blood!” Screamed Cain, as he murdered his brother Abel.

Once his jealous rage was gone, he was alone with the sound of the wind and realized what he had done.  In his shame and grief, he started for home, but God came to him.  His brother’s blood had called Him here, and God revealed all, even his future.  Then with Cain’s own hand He carved the mark of Abel (which was a ram’s horn) into his forehead for all to see.  (As it healed a great tumorous mole grew in its place and eventually slightly took on the shape of a horn. He would cut it off but it just grew back larger.  It grew until it covered his left eye, and became the mark all knew him by.)

Cain wandered the land attempting to do good for those who would let him, hoping to redeem himself and restore fellowship with God.  It was during this time he took a wife and she bore him children.  He founded a city and named it after his first born.  But, his legend had grown and he had been transformed into a monster in the minds of the people around them, and they would regularly harass and abuse him and his family.  It was when his youngest boy was killed from a fall while being chased by the locals for their amusement, that he knew he must always be alone.  It is his great curse.

He again wandered and tried to help those he could.  Some he taught how to grow crops, and others how to find water.  But, by now few would even speak to him. Most feared and loathed him, and would chase him off their land.  He resigned himself to accept this even lower state of fellowship and cried feverishly at its consistency.

He so desperately missed fellowship with others, especially God.  His jealous rage had taken away his best friend and his God.  For God never spoke to Cain after the day of Abel’s death.  Even though he sought Him with tears, He remained silent.

As the years passed, Cain watched the people flourish and towns appear around the fertile valleys.  He could only enter them in a hooded disguise, but he often would.  He loved to listen to them talk to one another.  His only words would be shared with a blind beggar, and even that joy was rare.

After many centuries he came upon a great truth.  God shares Himself with the world through chosen people. There are certain people that God imbibes with special attributes and knowledge that reveals a little bit of Himself.  Cain theorized that if he could gather all those pieces of God knowledge he would be able to find a way to God or be a god.  Either way, he thought he would have fellowship again.

He spent centuries more tracking these people down and when he found one he would reveal himself when they were alone and share his tale.  To a person, they took pity on him and shared what they had.  He wrote hundreds of scrolls and grew in knowledge of all types.

He discovered that some knowledge was more powerful than others, and it seemed to take on a life of its own and produce things that maybe shouldn’t exist.  Things where one could control nature and even life itself, things he thought only God could do.

He returned to Enoch and shared his scrolls on the knowledge of crops, animal husbandry, metallurgy, the creation of tools, and even musical instruments.  Then he headed for a new home.

He eventually found a great cave system far away from others.  A place where he could further his documentation and experimentation, of this great knowledge.  He retreated deep into the grand caves and experimented with all types of knowledge and created many thousands of scrolls more.  The most powerful scrolls he hid in special thick jars deep in his cave.

He toiled for two-thousand years in his cave home and created many wondrous things.

He had been alone for so long and had completed a great many scrolls.  They were ready to be shared with the world.  He gathered his top 100 scrolls and readied them for travel.  With just a backpack and some bags at his belt, he started his journey towards the world.  On his fifth day of travel towards the surface, the world exploded around him.

He was tossed back and forth, spinning wildly and crashing into rocks and cave wall, both of which seemed to be as airborne as he was.  Dirt and water cascaded through the cave system stealing all the air with it.  Cain was under water for a long time and he was powerless to affect his situation in the slightest.  But, he burst out of the water and smashed his head against a cave ceiling.  He started breathing and bleeding simultaneously and blindly reached for anything to steady himself.  As his hands found the wall and ceiling, the water slowed his bobbing and he was able to gather himself enough to finally wipe his eyes and open them.

It did him no good, of course,  the artificial light he had created and brought with him was long gone, and whether his eyelids were open or closed was irrelevant.  He felt around himself and found he still had two of the bags he tied to his belt left and even his knife was still in place. As he was starting to formulate his plan for the next number of minutes he has air left when all the water started to flush out of the chamber taking him along for the ride.

He came to a stop in some mud and fist sized rocks piled up in a tight bend in the caves direction.  His ears and entire head were still being overcome by both noise and great pressures as the air and thick slurry trade places for continuous miles of the cave below and around him.

A great rumble was still occurring from the direction of the surface, and Cain leaned and stretched towards it for he saw light.  He climbed to his feet with one hand still trying to cover his ear.  He was able to see more and more light coming from just around a small bend.  When he reached it and looked towards the light he was both fear stricken and awestruck.   He knew he was still a half a days travel from the surface with this all happened, but he could see the surface just four of five hundred meters away!  But, that wasn’t the most dreadful of things.  It was that he was glimpsing it through huge boulders and blotches of fresh mud, all of it hurling towards him with the rush of the air accelerating them.

He turned and ran and made towards the bend blindly, his arms out as feelers, aided by the occasion flash of light.  He tripped over the same pile that caught him a minute ago but was able to right himself and continue for a few more seconds until with a great crash all the boulders came to a stop in the bend.  Even though he was some distance beyond, his back was hit with a wall of mud with a massive and audible slap that took him to the ground once again.

He gathered himself once again, and pulled a small light from his bag and looked upon his new realm.  For it was truly new.  He started walking in the only direction he could and hoped there were sources of oxygen and water still available.

He painfully shuffled towards what was his home.

And, so passed the first age of man.